A Houseplant is Dying

I look at that plant and I feel defeated.

abstract watercolor illustration of a large houseplant with wilted leaves
Image created via Midjourney

After we lost Nelle, I was sent a beautiful plant as a gift.

It was from work. My boss actually asked me if I wanted flowers or something else, and I suggested a plant. Something that would keep living.

I really have a hard time keeping plants alive, but I was determined to take care of this one. I carefully watered it.

This summer, I went to visit my aunt in Michigan.  Her house is filled with greenery — plants everywhere.  I was inspired by the "alive" feeling.  

I wanted that feeling in my own house, and was motivated by the fact that I had kept Nelle's plant alive for so long.  I added plants to my sunroom, my kitchen, my living room.

There is one plant that is not thriving. Actually, it is doing the opposite. It is in the master bedroom. It is dying. I water it like the others, and it is the same variety as one in the sunroom so I am not sure if it is the angle of the sun or what the problem is. But it is dying.

I look at that plant, and I feel defeated. I know at my core that the reason I added all of these plants originally was because of Nelle's plant. I wanted to bring life into my home where there has been so much loss and sadness. The dying plant is a slap in the face, that even with all of the nurturing I do, I cannot keep everything alive.

Please plant. Please live for me.

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