My Face, Now

Easy to forget I am here.

abstract watercolor illustration of the top of a woman's head and her sad eyes
Image created via Midjourney

Easy to forget I am here.
No eyes on my strained face.
Absence easily conversed, forgotten.
Thanksgiving morning with triggers abound
I went for a languid walk.
Stark, crisp leaves, crunching, deadened.
Stillness in the morning
Neighbors have not yet started festivities.
Pond gently murmuring its last bubbles.
I am grateful for the gray sky, a moment's silence.
I turn the corner and pass a couple
also sneaking away for a walk.
I raise my hand and call out a hello.
And am ignored.
They don't see me at all, keep walking.
We are tangled up in the energy of the day.
It hides my sadness.